Dedicated to bringing art and impact to the public space

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ArtBloom is focused on bringing more art into the public space, principally (though not exclusively) through murals and street art. We collaborate with artists, local governments, and NGOs to design and realise street art projects in Mexico and Greece. We get things done, and adapt to the needs of our partners and specific projects from curation and management to painting and varnishing.

It might seem we are as obsessed with walls as a certain President, but our intention is not to build walls that divide, but to turn walls into spaces that welcome, that include.


What we do

Using our experience, network, and persistence, ArtBloom creates and collaborates on projects that bring art to the public space. We are especially excited about projects that have a social impact focus and that bring diverse groups of people together.

This doesn’t happen without the artists

We have a network of amazing artists who are also fantastic people from around the world. Do not leave without seeing some of their work in Projects.

However, no matter how much we try by going to galleries and to bars and Instagram stalking, we cannot know everyone who is out there. So if you are an artist (especially a muralist/street artist, though all welcome), do get in touch through the link below.

OPen call for walls

Do you have a wall that could be a canvas? If the wall is in central Athens, definitely connect with us. If the wall is in other parts of Europe, Mexico, or anywhere else, get in touch too and and let’s see whether we can do.


Like what you see?

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